Linda's home to heal, with safe air, safe food, safe water & safe clothes

A few years ago, when I first met Linda Sepp, as an email pen-pal,
I remembered I had seen an article about her in the Toronto Star. Linda is still living in extremely distressful circumstances and needs your help.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Linda and I became internet friends, and never met in person, because Linda's needs were much higher than mine, to protect herself from Environmental triggers. I learned that she was suffering with severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) combined with severe Electrical Hypersensitivities (EHS), and knew that the strictest possible discipline had to be followed, in order for Linda to not bear any greater harm any more than she already was. 

Do you know that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has a Policy on Environmental Sensitivities?

All my life I have not been able to tolerate artificial fragrances such as manufactured perfumes.

Many things that others find pleasant I find very irritating, such as clothes-dryer sheets or air-fresheners.

To me, this made perfect sense, that someone could have aggravation from chemical scents compounded to the most extreme degree.

From my babyhood, I had experienced allergic reactions that were not recognized as such until I was in my 20s.

In the 90s I thought that I might die from the effects of second-hand tobacco smoke and many other exposures from things that I had no idea at the time of encountering them, of what their long-term results would be on my body.

Back then, recognizing that my life was hanging by a thread and simultaneously knowing I was in possession of a tremendous amount of knowledge of how the body works according to the Laws of Nature, I took action to overcome my obstacles.

Fortunately, I had studied with many excellent teachers in Natural Health and turned to three  highly dedicated professional friends to create a Team to meet my needs, and ....

Now it's my turn to extend the hand of friendship to Linda to do whatever I can.


to help increase awareness and to advocate for
all those who are affected by
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and
Electrical Sensitivities (EHS)
and help solve her current crisis
to find a safe home and
all necessities of life for herself.


Linda's Divine Mission
is to start a

foundation/advocacy organization
to help others with
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

(MCS) and/or
Electrical Hypersensitivities



All donations
of your time
and efforts to
find Linda a
safe place
to live
with all her
needs of life
sufficiently met

are urgently
needed and


Linda is doing all she can to help herself, as always.

Thank you, everyone who is supporting Linda!

To my amazement, at the end of November 2009, Linda created a Facebook Profile for herself and I saw her picture (as above) for the first time. She was much like how I imagined her to look, attentive and at work.

Next, Linda and her friend Susie Collins created a Blog, Linda Sepp.

We have the great privilege of sharing Linda's thoughts first-hand because all the content is written by Linda.


We highly appreciate all forms
of your kindness,


 of volunteering your Time

or giving of your

Thank you again, one and all!

Love and Light,


Blessings, Love and Light and Peace!


"Thank you, everyone who is supporting Linda!"

"Dedicated to the sake of all sentient beings."


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