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Linda wrote on December 5, 2009:

"And now that it's hitting the freezing mark outside, this house is just not warm enough, even wearing everything I own that is safe enough to wear.

The shivering creates more stress, using up more energy, and I don't have reserves to draw from.

All I need is a lot of help."
: )

Anyone who wishes to help Linda with funds to make essential purchases,
may mail a cheque payable to:

"Linda Sepp"
c/o The Estonian (Toronto)
Credit Union Ltd.,
958 Broadview Ave.
Toronto Ontario
M4K 2R6

Tel: (416) 465-4659

Linda wrote on December 9, 2009: "When the temp outside gets to freezing or below, it is difficult to maintain 70 degrees in here because of the old heat pump and it is a leaky old house, so it is drafty and has very cold floors. I do better when it is above 75, and covered in many layers of warm clothing.

I require more heat than a normal person to begin with due to circulation problems and the extreme fatigue that chemicals and mold create in my body, and have no warm clothes (only some disintegrating summer clothes), one pair of socks with holes, and no slippers, sweaters, etc."

If you are in the neighbourhood, you may go directly and make a deposit into her special savings account that she has now set up for your kind donations, without you knowing the account number.

The wonderful people at the Estonian Credit Union will help you complete your transaction and are expecting anyone who might arrive in person.

Linda has accomplished setting up a PayPal account to make it easy for you to donate online. Please do whatever you can through:

lindaswellness [AT]

Please ensure that in your email that the [AT] is replaced with an @ with no spaces.

Thank You!

Funds will be deposited within the limit of $6,000 over 12 months, which is what ODSP will allow her to purchase as disability related needs without deducting 50% of your donations as income!

We are asking for donations of items or service, to contribute to Linda's imperative immediate crisis to raise enough funds for the bare essentials for her medically necessary needs and sustainability.

For many years, Linda has found no material help from any service organization, charity or government agency, other than the Ontario Disabilities Support Program (ODSP), which does not cover all her basic special needs.

We can are asking for donations of items for the Silent Auction, Gift Certificates and Funds to be donated.

Linda's Divine Mission

is to start a

foundation/advocacy organization

to help others with

and/or EHS. 

Blessings, Love and Light and Peace! 

"Thank you, everyone who is supporting Linda!"

"Dedicated to the sake of all sentient beings."


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