Linda's Belief System

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Linda: "I believe we are all responsible for each others well-being, for doing whatever we can (and sometimes that isn't very much, other times it is more).

Unfortunately, commercial marketing makes most people believe otherwise, that "taking care of number one", themselves, means it's OK to harm others in the process as long as they get what they want. 

Teaching people otherwise is (going to be) a long slow and difficult process.

Purifying our karma in order to be more skillful ain't always easy, ... being at death's doorstep, alone, while others do nothing, is a very strange place to be.

I am a bit/a lot dumbfounded that people are showing support to try and help keep me alive now. I hope I have earned it and can continue to pass it on."

Dianne: "Linda you have been isolated through no fault of your own and yes that is why I created a Fan Page on Facebook for you, and this website, to show you that the world can be a beautiful and loving experience; it's up to each one of us in our hearts to make it so.

I know that the symptoms of EMF include effects on the mind and in turn on the personality as well as terrible effects on the body, and you are so brave to fight your way to survive, thrive and flourish and keep your focus.

Others who see this Note and Fan Page, I would hope realize that toxic exposures can manifest experiences of THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL and muster up enough courage to make it through as masterfully as you are.

I believe everyone on this Planet is responsible a tiny bit for every problem, right from their thoughts and forward.

So given enough caring people, it would not take long in terms of eternity, maybe three generations of our time, to reach 100% for all problems solved.

This is the society of the future that I wish to manifest; so I say let it begin here and now."

Love and Light,


Blessings, Love and Light and Peace!


"Thank you, everyone who is supporting Linda!"

"Dedicated to the sake of all sentient beings."


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