Linda's Urgent Needs

Linda writes:

"My main urgent needs besides a SAFE HOME are:

1. Stainless Steel Whole House Water Filtration system, installed.

2. Organic, Chemical Free clothing and pajamas, shipped in triple cellophane or heavy duty BBQ foil.
Note: I need enough clothing so I have something to wear when I wash what I take off my back. Now I am wearing everything I own except two personal items, some of which cannot be washed another time because it will simply fall apart. The other couple of things I am wearing I cannot wash because I need them on to be warm enough to live. Even wearing everything I have I am not warm enough because these are threadbare summer clothes.
This means I only hand wash one set of personal items, which I have "to spare" and cannot even do that between each shower because I do not have the energy, partly because washing dishes and showering affects me so poorly. So having a Whole House Water Filtration System will help with that.

2.b. If anyone can find some fully organic wool that has not been processed with chemicals or scented soaps, I could attempt to crochet slippers and hat and leggings and wrist warmers etc.

3. Life's Good (LG), or equivalent, Portable Top Load Washing Machine.

The machine we think will work is this one:


There are a few other cheap models but they have too much plastic and don't seem to stand up to regular use, never mind heavy duty use required by someone with MCS/ES (repeated washes and rinses)

$750 Recommended Price


With these 3 things, I can recover and slowly deal with the rest of my life.

Without these I continue to deteriorate and it's impossible to move forward." 

Blessings, Love and Light and Peace!


"Thank you, everyone who is supporting Linda!"

"Dedicated to the sake of all sentient beings."


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